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Front End of Innovation - May 10-12, Boston, MA

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The Full Spectrum Innovation Event- From Ideation through To Execution

FEI 2016 - May 10-12, Boston, MA

The 14th annual FEI: Front End of Innovation is a conference that senior level R&D, Innovation, and Product Development executives rely on to thwart the growing threat of disruption by non-traditional competitors. Large organizations are under fire to be more agile and opportunistic in their approach to innovation, adaptation, and disruption. That's why the 2016 curriculum is designed to help systematically tackle the innovation process- from ideation through execution- in order to capture immense innovation.

Innovation guides responsible for setting the strategy at the most admired innovation brands push you to challenge your assumptions and rethink your strategy through a series of workshops, case studies, and innovation excursions.

The Institute strongly recommends members experience a cross-industry innovation conference as part of your development as innovators. You will be exhilarated and amazed...

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FREE 4/7 Webinar: Capitalizing on Wealth Management Innovation

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FREE Webinar: Capitalizing on Innovation -top trends driving engagement in Wealth Management

April 7, 2016
2 PM ET/11 AM PT
Brought to you by American Banker


The wealth management space will continue to be a key battleground for financial service providers as an estimated $41 trillion begins to transfer over to the next generation. So whether your financial institution has begun looking into the trends that are driving your expansion in the investor space or not, it is important to consider how these initiatives can be leveraged to sharpen your competitive edge and create a more personalized and meaningful wealth management experience.

Join us as we discuss the trends and opportunities driving change in wealth management at leading financial institutions. Hear the latest data from Alois Pirker, Javier Paz, and Will Boland from the Aite Group, and Jay Hummel, Envestnet, and John Bird, Envestnet | Yodlee, as we discuss:

  • What are the key trends driving change in wealth management
  • How these trends may affect your ability to deliver goal-based advise
  • The future of wealth management and digital advisor solutions


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Institute Stakeholders Meeting - 3/2/16, Atlanta

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The Institute for Innovation Development - an educational and business development catalyst for growth oriented financial advisors and industry executives -  will be having a regional stakeholder meeting in the Buckhead area of Atlanta on Wednesday 3/2 1-4pm. We will have a cross-section of our strategic partners, Founding members, and innovation experts from our Advisory Board to discuss progressive industry topics and explore new initiatives and resources from the Institute. All stakeholders are cordially invited!   Featured guest speakers include:  


Larry White, The Ritz Group and Corporate Foundry/Brite Idea Lab - Larry is dedicated to enhancing Georgia's entrepreneurial investment community and leveraging his corporate and entrepreneurial expertise to provide major corporations, small businesses, and higher education with a suite of programs and technologies to foster internal and open 360 Innovation.  


Thomas Mark Keith, AI Innovation Technology -Mark will share a new application in the artificial intelligence field- digitizing wisdom and replicating human expertise. Its benefit is in closing the quality gap of subjective decisions between an expert and others making similar decisions. This innovative approach in the field of decision science is disrupting "Big Data" and has important implications for every organization including financial services. Be one of the first to explore this new approach in leveraging artificial intelligence in unique ways.  


Vance Howard, Howard Capital Management - Vance will discuss his expertise on the application of risk management algorithms to the retirement plans arena. His 401k Optimizer is Dalbar certified as a ‘computer model’ which meets the detailed requirements of ERISA for fiduciary relief.  


Gregory Todd Jones Ph.D., Faculty University of GA - Dr. Jones will share a fascinating technology that can read marketing material both printed and on-line, assess the message and compare that brand’s position to like kind organizations. Displayed in a 3D visualization,  advisors firms can understand their brand in relation to others and identify crowded and open spaces in the landscape where they tweak their brand to rise above the noise of a commoditized industry and create competitive advantage.  


Here are some of the Institute's initiatives and programs we are developing and which we will also be discussing:  


1. Advisor practice management 3.0 - developing 2 levels of innovation best practice training for growth-oriented advisor groups (keynotes/workshops/training series/Advisory Board innovation experts)
   PracMgt 1.0 = core business/marketing training - excellent and needed training but designed and works best in a stable environment, not rapid business change


PracMgt 2.0 = tech/digital marketing training - vital, but technology is a tool, not the solution


PracMgt 3.0 = innovation best practice training - becoming a continuously self assessing firm that can adapt to the external business & cultural changes for growth, differentiation, and client engagement - 2 levels of professional development: innovation mindset and 4 business innovation decisions/steps needed now.  


2. "redefining retirement" "entrepreneurial services" & "community innovation engagement" programs -  3 specific local community innovation marketing/branding opportunities for financial advisors.  


Advisors as social entrepreneurs - Another component and goal of the institute and the above programs are to mobilize the financial advisor community to become recognized as "social entrepreneurs" by being more fully aware and active in supporting local/regional entrepreneurial efforts and economic development. The Institute is developing strategies for advisors on how to find and collaborate with startup community leaders in their communities. This can provide advisors with a powerful local community engagement strategy that will help them work with and support business owners, CEOs/CFOs, family offices, millennials, educational institutions, and local community centers of influence.  


3. FinTech Radar program - building more communication & access between start-up community and financial services leaders to support access to latest new ideas, technologies, investment products, platforms and client engagement services.     


Stakeholders of the Institute (Founding Sponsors, Founding Innovator members, Advisory Board members, and strategic partners) are invited and able to invite a limited number of guests. Others interested in attending should contact:


Bill Hortz, Founder/Dean, Institute for Innovation Development


For more information and list of benefits for joining the Institute for Innovation Development, visit: 

The Spirit of Entrepreneurship Webinar - 1/26 1pm EST

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What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in today's fast-paced world? How do you keep your firm competitive against the rapid change in the business and cultural environment in which you now operate in?

Uncover the best practices of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists and how they bring new ideas to market with this FREE webinar on Tuesday 1/26 1-2pm EST.

Presented By:

The Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate program.

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HR Tech and FREE State of HR 2016 webinar

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Advisors working with retirement plan sponsors should keep an eye out on latest HR technology and new options available for their business clients coming from the fintech and startup community. Here is a list of key firms to study and potentially engage with to expand your value to client firms:

  And.... an upcoming FREE webinar - Wednesday January 20th 1PM EST - will be providing the top eight HR trend predictions for 2016 that you can leverage to drive engagement and impact in each of those areas. Listen in!


Some of the key trends to be covered will include:

  • Succession planning and leadership development will become urgent priorities.
  • Workplace flexibility is key to retention.
  • The long-overdue transformation of managers to coaches.
  • The arrival of Gen Z.
Register for FREE webinar here.


Suggestion: We highly recommend that adding "innovation services" - backed by the Institute for Innovation Development - to your package of corporate services to Senior Management and HR Directors of your corporate clients can double your appeal and competitive advantage over traditional marketing/sales approaches...



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