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Institute Stakeholders Meeting - NYC, 12/10

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The Institute for Innovation Development - an educational and business development catalyst for growth oriented financial advisors and industry executives -  will be having a regional stakeholder meeting in NYC on thursday 12/10 9am-12pm. A cross-section of our strategic partners, Founding members, and innovation experts from our Advisory Board will meet to explore new initiatives from the Institute. All stakeholders are cordially invited!


  Here are some of the Institute's initiatives and programs we are developing and will be discussing:


1. Advisor practice management 3.0 - developing 2 levels of innovation best practice training for growth-oriented advisor groups (keynotes/workshops/training series/innovation experts)


PracMgt 1.0 = core business/marketing training - important and needed training but designed for and works best in a stable environment, not rapid business change


  PracMgt 2.0 = tech/digital marketing training - vital, but technology is a tool, not the solution


  PracMgt 3.0 = innovation best practice training - becoming a continuously self assessing firm that can adapt to the external business & cultural changes for growth, differentiation, and client engagement - innovation mindset and 4 business decisions/steps needed now. 


  2. "redefining retirement" "entrepreneurial services" & "community innovation engagement" programs -  3 specific local community innovation marketing/branding opportunities


  Advisors as social entrepreneurs - Another component and goal of the institute and the above programs are to mobilize the financial advisor community to become recognized as "social entrepreneurs" by being more fully aware and active in supporting local/regional entrepreneurial efforts and economic development. The Institute is developing strategies for advisors on how to find and collaborate with startup community leaders in their communities. This can provide advisors with a powerful local community engagement strategy that will help them work with and support business owners, CEOs/CFOs, family offices, millennials, educational institutions, and local community centers of influence.


3. FinTech Radar program - building more communication & access between start-up community and financial services leaders to support access to latest new ideas, technologies, investment products, platforms and client engagement services.  


Stakeholders of the Institute (Founding Sponsors, Founding Innovator members, Advisory Board members, and strategic partners) are invited and will be issued tickets. Others interested in attending should contact:


Bill Hortz, Founder/Dean Institute for Innovation Development


  For more information and list of benefits for joining the Institute for Innovation Development, click here

Chief Innovation Officer Summit - New York City 12/8-9

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The Chief Innovation Officer Summit, brought to you by Innovation Enterprise, is returning to New York City on December 8 & 9. It will bring interactive learning & unparalleled networking opportunities with innovation leaders across many industries. Learn from & share insights with innovation executives who are capturing the essence of innovation & leading the change to a structured process that drives business growth. 

Reinvigorate your business with fresh ideas, meet cross-industry pioneers and discover how to deliver breakthrough results! 

Hear on topics such as:

  • Aligning Incentives to Innovation
  • Creating New KPIs
  • Leading a Cultural Shift
  • Getting Executive Buy-In
  • Forging New Business Processes
  • Competitive Advantage Through Innovation
  • Innovation Function Relationships


The Institute strongly recommends members experience an innovation conference as part of your development as innovators. You will be exhilarated and amazed...

  The Institute has negotiated a 20% discount. Use discount code: IID20    For more information and details on the Summit: Click Here

Innovate2015 Toronto, Canada (11/16-18)

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Institute for International Research (IIR) - world leaders in advancing innovation – shows you how with Innovate2015. Learn from and collaborate with experts and peers sharing global, cross-industry perspectives on the most critical elements of the innovation life-cycle – from ideation to execution.

  • Major forces of change – leading experts on macro trends share groundbreaking insights into what’s coming next so you can bullet-proof your innovation portfolio.
  • Create a culture that supports innovation – culture can be the difference between innovation success or failure. Find out how the most innovative companies build a culture that inspires and enables success across the organization.
  • Innovate the innovation process – get hands on with disruptive tools, learn new skills and metrics, that will optimize your chances for success throughout the innovation life-cycle.
  • Turn ideas into profit – without the proper execution strategy, even a great idea is just an idea.

The Institute highly recommends that you participate in an innovation event of this kind of scope and ambition as part of your personal and professional development.

For more on why you should go to an innovation conference, read my previous blog post "Get Thee To An Innovation Conference"

Follow these links for more details and to register. Use the Institute 20% discount priority code: FEITIID


11/5 2PM FREE webinar- Developing Your Innovation Program Goals for 2016

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Register for this FREE webinar to hear our guest speaker, Forrester Vice President and Research Director Peter Burris share research recently conducted on the state of the digital business and the impact on innovation management. He’ll cover topics such as design thinking, lean startup and collaborative innovation and how they are impacted by trends in digital business.

Get a preview of what to expect in 2016 and insights that will help you create the right goals to guide your digital business and innovation efforts moving forward.



Join us for this Google hangout webinar on Thursday November 5th at 11amPT/2pmET.

Click here to register for FREE.



Back End of Innovation - San Jose 10/21-23

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Back End of Innovation (BEI) is the only innovation conference to focus exclusively on execution through real-world problem solving and best in class case studies to accelerate the success of innovation.

Unite with other leaders charged with executing innovation and collaborate with other stakeholders across the commercialization lifecycle to learn how to accelerate your business’ return on innovation. BEI shares how to be more agile, prioritize and monetize your best ideas and commercialize your best bets for growth, whether it be through process, partnerships, or marketing.

· Hear from Xerox on Their Journey Towards Commercialization

· Drive Impactful Business Ventures with Insights from Intel

· Develop a Culture for Innovation with Ingersoll Rand

· Nintendo Drives Innovation Forward with Permission to Fail

· Kellogg's Shares How to Grow Your Brand through Creative Innovation

The Institute highly recommends that you participate in an innovation event of this kind of scope and ambition as part of your personal and professional development.

For more on why you should go to an innovation conference, read my previous blog post "Get Thee To An Innovation Conference"

Follow these links for more details and to register. Use the Institute 15% discount priority code: BEI15IID



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