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Benefits Review:

1. Understanding and Using innovation best practices and resources for your ongoing business growth, competitive differentiation and unique client/community engagement strategies -

  • "Innovation" represents the only full set of business tools, processes, and mindsets created for business owners and leaders, and their employees, to manage and grow their business in a rapidly changing business and cultural environment. The Institute provides a continuously curated Innovation Library and Advisory Board of global, cross-industry innovation experts for members to build their innovation capital and innovation capabilities.

  • Innovation resources compiled for Institute members will attract HNW individuals, business owners/entrepreneurs, family offices, corporate CEOs/CFOs, educational institutions, local community leaders and centers of influence.

  • Innovation resources that help you carve out distinctive differentiation and branding for you and your firm.

  • Innovation resources that help you build unique community engagement strategies and positioning as a key social and business leader supporting the growth of your community.

2. Your outsourced innovation R&D department

Most advisor firms do not have the staffing, budgets, time or expertise to develop internal innovation teams or labs, and if they do, they know that innovation needs to be constantly fed with a wide cross-industry array of ideas and approaches. The Institute will help "Founding Innovator" members develop and launch innovation efforts and community innovation outreach/marketing programs that they may not have been able to do alone. The Institute will do this by adding the necessary leverage - the time, resources and spark needed -  for "Founding Innovator" members to ensure adding and deepening innovative approaches to their ongoing leadership, competitive differentiation, staff preparation for changing business conditions, and tactical client engagement programs. 

3.  A collaborative innovation network and community –

The Institute will provide an immediate cross-industry innovation network saving members the time and effort in building and nurturing their own. All research proves that to be more innovative, you need to challenge your thinking by having access to diverse ideas by expanding your networks outside your industry. Our website community provides a secure base from which to find, engage and experiment with like-minded, growth-oriented advisors, top business innovators, and new strategic partners, including unique innovation service providers. 

4. High impact learning culture-

  • Web-based Innovation Library & Video Gallery (carefully curated for utility & cumulative learning);

  • Online, interactive, educational center (can build the specific information sources, links and contacts to support your specific growth initiatives);

  • Thoughtleader webinars/conference calls

  • FinTech Radar - discovering emerging fintech companies and the newest disruptive ideas/technologies that will impact financial services industry 

  • Regional Innovation Forums

  • "Doing Innovation" action program - the Institute's exclusive monthly video newsletter and weekly 3-5 minute video email innovation coaching program. This Founding Innovator member benefit will be focusing on insights and collaborations developed by the Institute on how to directly apply innovation best practices, tools and processes to member businesses for their growth, differentiation, and client/community engagement strategies.

5. Exclusive Learning and Marketing Partnerships to grow your business in unique ways

Developing strategic partnerships and working groups around shared areas of interest and new opportunities.

6. Helping launch an innovation institute by contributing as a "Founding Innovator" and selectively using its many innovation resources helps tangibly position you as a recognized innovator and thought leader unlike competitors that claim being innovative but can't point to specific actions and commitments to ongoing innovation:

  • Designation as "Founding Innovator" Member of the Institute with use of logo and designation on your corporate materials

  • Templates and personalized support for creating local innovation "think tanks" for members' community marketing and outreach.

  • Opportunities to get published on innovation topics through our guest blog, newsletter, upcoming e-book series

  • Providing differentiation & unique community engagement strategies to attract key constitutents throughout your local community

7. Alliance partner discounts, including insurance

8. Deepening of relationships and personal growth –

Entering a fascinating realm of cross-industry ideas and experience; of exploration and building of new industry best practices & business models; of social and community leadership; of continuous, practical learning beyond our normal borders...

Annual Membership Fee:  $500

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