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Newly Launched Institute for Innovation Development Provokes More Innovation for Financial Advisors and the Financial Services Industry

Pershing and Fidelty among Founding Members. Organization to Create Business Development Innovation Programs for Growth-Oriented Financial Advisors

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) August 11, 2014

August celebrates the launch of the Institute for Innovation Development [the Institute] – the only innovation-focused business development organization for financial advisors.

According to Bill Hortz, Founder and Dean of the Institute, the organization was specifically built to support two key elite groups – growth-oriented financial advisors and financial industry executives – who share three common goals: ongoing dynamic growth, competitive differentiation, and unique community engagement strategies for their businesses. Achieving these goals, against an ever-increasing, hyper-rate of change, can only come from innovation.

We are all about being a catalyst for making innovation happen as an essential, practical business process to support the continuing growth of leading financial services businesses,” stated Hortz.

While other advisor development programs focus on financial services industry’s best practices, the Institute takes a radically different approach by providing an innovation network and central repository for cross-industry, global innovation resources; processes for developing “new” best practices; and ongoing innovation coaching. In addition, the Institute’s platform provides a template for creating local innovation “think tanks” for advisors’ community outreach and differentiation.

There is a huge universe of proven innovation practices, active business model experimentation and global collaboration that the financial services industry is not actively participating in,” continued Hortz. “The Institute will play an active role in bringing the expansive world of innovation to the industry. This will be achieved by increasing awareness, stimulating debate, an industry innovation website and provoking active innovation development with local community innovation centers, unique strategic partnership opportunities and active coaching. The Institute fosters a mindset and process proven to drive growth and innovation.

Hortz further explains that as an educational and business development catalyst for innovation, the Institute is partnering with top innovation consultants, research firms, authors and thought leaders from around the world to curate and provide best innovation processes, practices and tools to its members. The Institute will also uncover and inspire more financial industry participation in innovation programs and events like Hult International Business School’s Innovation Olympics and Innovation Excellence’s 2014 Innovation Cities Tour. In addition, the Institute was launched with the support and foresight of our Founding Sponsor partners – Innovation Equity Partners, Pershing, Ultimus Fund Solutions, Fidelity, Meridian IQ/Advice IQ, & Charter Financial Publishing (FA & Private Wealth magazines).

The Institute is a member benefit organization with an annual FOUNDING INNOVATOR Membership of $500. The latter will include: innovation resources for advisors who want to start an innovation program or provide more tools and processes to an established innovation effort in their firm; facilitation support on implementing innovation best practices; and a roadmap on how to take a leadership position on innovation in their local communities.

The Institute will help its members address key questions such as: How do I apply innovation to my business? What are the steps? How can I use innovation best practices for more dynamic growth, competitive positioning and community engagement strategies?

Membership benefits will also include direct and proactive ongoing support from the Institute, such as: an immediate innovation branding process for Founding Innovator members; ongoing innovation coaching; a template for a local “innovation think tank” community outreach program; a built-in innovation network; access to new business opportunities as developed by the Institute and its strategic partners; and full access to Institute social website to actively build an innovation network including Forums, Groups, and collaborative tools.

About The Institute for Innovation Development 
The Institute for Innovation Development is an educational and business innovation catalyst for growth-oriented financial advisors, industry executives, and progressive vendor partners to the financial services industry. We position our members with the necessary ongoing innovation resources and coaching to drive and facilitate their growth, differentiation and unique community engagement strategies. The Institute was launched with the support and foresight of our Founding Sponsor partners – Innovation Equity Partners, Pershing, Voya Financial,Ultimus Fund Solutions, Fidelity, Meridian IQ/Advice IQ, & Charter Financial Publishing (FA & Private Wealth magazines).

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