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Welcome to our best financial services innovation articles and thought leadership discussions that the Institute for Innovation Development (IID) developed throughout 2023. The Institute is both a business innovation platform and a network of financial services innovators dedicated to increasing awareness, understanding, and spurring more usage of important innovations in thinking and next-generation products/services for financial advisors and industry executives.

Our four Pillars of Coverage focus on where “innovation” is most at play in the industry:

1.)Financial Technology,

2.)Progressive Asset Management,

3.)New Art and Science of Client/Community Engagement,

4.)Practice/Business Management Mindset and Strategy.  

We actively search for and work with key innovative firms and leaders across these four innovation focus areas including interviews with FinTech CEOs, innovative business leaders/consultants, progressive asset managers, as well as, exploring next-generation client and community engagement strategies to uncover leading trends, opportunities, and threats within our evolving industry.

Please review and explore our list of top articles below which will also give you an indication of the innovative people, discussions, and topics that we will continue to explore and bring to you in 2024.

Join us for the ride! Cheers!

Uncovering Fintech Companies and Next-Generation Advisor Services:

Immersing Advisors in The Technology of Advice (Asset-Map)

Unpacking Best-Of-Breed AdvisorTech Solutions (FutureVault)

Personalized Investing and Tax Management at Scale (Vestmark)

Future-Proofing RIAs With a New Productivity Toolkit (Docupace)

Transforming The Wealth Management Experience (FLX Networks)

Modernizing Estate Planning for Financial Advisors (WhiteGlove)


Uncovering AI in Financial Services:

The AI Technology Landscape in Financial Services (ForwardLane)

Navigating Private Markets with An AI Assistant (TIFIN)

AI Risk Management Tool for Calling Stock and Market Trends (Trendrating)

The Emergence of Generative AI In Financial Services (ForwardLane)


Uncovering Practice Management/Business Growth Strategies:

Top Advisor Growth Strategies for Building Bigger and Better (Advice2Advisors)

Designing A Business Growth Process for Community Engagement And ROI (White Glove)

Exploring Practice Management in An Age of Change (FLX Networks)

Getting Serious About Customer Experience (Bain & Company)

A Cross-Industry Case Study on The Power of Business Model Innovation (Progressive Dental)

Strategic Partnerships as A Business Model (SmartRIA)

Advisor Compensation--Transparency, Conflicts, Relationships and Future of The Industry (Schultz Financial Group)


Uncovering the Art and Science Behind Marketing and Engagement Strategies:

Strategically Building Credibility Using Content Curation (Uphold)

Expanding Your Mindset and Approach for Financial Marketing (Sondhelm Partners)

Creating Unique Applications for NFTs (HQNFTs.xy)

PechaKucha: Presentations as Engaging Performance Art (Bill Hortz review)


Uncovering Asset Management Trends and Strategic Support for Asset Managers:

2023 State of The Asset Management Industry (Bill Hortz review)

AI Risk Management Tool for Calling Stock and Market Trends (Trendrating)

Applying AI Into Investment Management (Qraft Technologies)

The Complexities and Opportunities of Launching an Interval Fund (Ultimus Fund Solutions)


Uncovering Progressive Investment Management Perspectives:

RIAs Partner to Launch Innovative ETF (Blueprint Fund Management and Chesapeake Capital Corp)

Developing Innovation for ESG And Sustainability Investing (V-Square Quantitative Management)

How Do You Read and Diagnose the Health of The Market? (Leuthold Group)

A Dynamic Approach to Managing Alternative Investments (Hamilton Capital)

Investing In Quality Companies for A Disruptive Age (Recurve Capital)

Observations On Investing Through Market Disruptions and Crisis (Goodhaven Capital Management)

180 Degrees of Separation from The Investment Hoard (180 Degree Capital Corp)


Uncovering Deep Dive Thought Leadership on Different Areas of the Market:

Revisiting The High Yield Bond Market (Northeast Investors Trust)

A Deep Dive into The Municipal Bond Market (16 Rock Asset Management)

Exploring The Hedged Equity Landscape With BUYW (Main Management)

Casting A Wider Net in The Bond Market (Weitz Investment Management)


In 2023 we launched a few new ongoing article series reporting on important industry issues which we will be continuing to explore in 2024:

Uncovering Disruptive Financial Services Innovation Topics:

Getting Serious About Blockchain and Crypto (Card1Ventures)

Pioneering New Integrated Pathways for Crypto Transactions (Metallicus)

Borderless Financial Tech for Efficient Access and Global Inclusion (Almond FinTech)


Uncovering what is an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Why Advisors Should be Actively Involved:

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems--The Ultimate Community Engagement Strategy (Synapse)

Synapse 2023 Summit--Participating in The Accelerating Rate of Business Innovation (Bill Hortz review)

The Alchemical Nature of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (TampaBay Wave & Endeavor Miami)

Angel Investing in The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (MacDonald Ventures)


Uncovering the “Hidden Threats to Retirement” (continuing in 2024 in partnership with NAIFA)

The Financial Industry's Supportive Role in The Ongoing Opioid Crisis (Cheryl Canzanella)

Action Items for Financial Firms to Help Clients Navigate the Opioid Crisis (Cheryl Canzanella)

Thank you for reading and much more to come in 2024!

Bill Hortz
Founder, CEO, and Dean
Institute for Innovation Development


The Institute for Innovation Development is an educational and business development catalyst for growth-oriented financial advisors and financial services firms determined to lead their businesses in an operating environment of accelerating business and cultural change. We operate as a business innovation platform and educational resource with FinTech and innovative financial services firm members to openly share their unique perspectives and activities. The goal is to build awareness and stimulate open thought leadership discussions on new or evolving industry approaches and thinking to facilitate next-generation growth, differentiation, and unique community engagement strategies. The institute was launched with the support and foresight of our founding sponsors – Ultimus Fund Solutions, NASDAQ, FLX Networks, Advisorpedia, Pershing, Fidelity, Voya Financial, and Charter Financial Publishing (publisher of Financial Advisor and Private Wealth magazines). 


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