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Welcome to the inaugural blog post from the Institute for Innovation Development!

Who we are - The Institute for Innovation Development is designed to be an educational and business innovation catalyst for the financial services industry .  We are dedicated to educating, arming, supporting and motivating member firms in making innovation best practices a vital cornerstone for their business growth.

What we are about - The most important word in our name is "Development". We are not going to just talk about innovation, think about innovation, we are all about doing innovation; learning to harness it, making it practical, bottom-line, defining steps and applying it to benefit our businesses. It’s about bravely confronting, head-on, the rapid rate of change in our industry and world around us!

Why this is important - In a world of constant, unrelenting change, we need to learn about innovation because innovation is all about change. Innovation is the art and science behind understanding, creating, managing and delivering change. In a rapidly changing world, innovation becomes a potent survival mechanism. Innovation, and its component skills, does this by focusing our vision forward, consistently challenging our thinking, and most importantly, keeping us from being blindsided.

Main benefits - We will get to the heart of the question of what exactly is innovation and learn to start harnessing it as a practical, bottom-line business tool to help us grow and differentiate our businesses more effectively. That’s the main byproduct of innovative thinking and innovation processes – growth and differentiation.

Parting question - over the next 5 years, will innovation and change overwhelm you or will you harness innovation as a key part of your growth and business strategy? What will be your destination with innovation? Join our community and lead innovation in your business and local community.

Bill Hortz

Founder and Dean

Institute for Innovation Development





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