Modernizing Estate Planning for Financial Advisors

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[Having a holistic financial business model and product/servicing offering can be a very competitive and engaging way to grow your business, but it requires you to become “proficient” in areas beyond investment management, like estate planning

Getting Serious About Customer Experience

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[The purpose of a business is not merely to make a profit but, more importantly, to make customers. It is only from the development of that connection - between a business and its clients - that profit and growth will spring.

Creating Unique Applications for NFTs

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[Following up on our previous article on the increasing use of NFTs for business strategy, we decided to further explore how NFTs are being creatively used right now for engagement and effect.

An Alternative Income Strategy

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[Acknowledging the 50-year anniversary of the launch of exchange-listed options (4/26/1973), we decided to explore how options – a derivative alternative tool - can play an important part in asset management to enhance income, dampen volatilit

Strategic Partnerships as a Business Model

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[In a constantly shifting business landscape driven by hyper-competition and accelerating rates of change, company managements from small boutique firms to large enterprises increasingly are realizing that no firm, regardless of size, can thri


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