Converting Digital Marketing into Guaranteed Outcomes

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"We built White Glove to deliver everything we wished we had when we were hosting these seminars…and a guarantee was at the top of the list. " - Mike Thurman, White Glove

Revisiting Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities with an Expert Lens

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"We’ve created the opportunity for informed investors and institutions to make razor‐sharp, self‐selected allocations to this senior secured space as a diversifying complement to traditional fixed income portfolios" - Thomas Hardy, Ladder

Mobilizing Your Local Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

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"No matter how large or small an area or region, there exists the beginnings of local/regional entrepreneurial ecosystems. They need to be supported." - Bill Hortz


The Architecture of Modern Risk Management

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"Our philosophy and discipline work together to build in resilience at the individual company level and at the portfolio level as well."- Elise Hoffman, Marshfield Associates


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