New Journal on Impact & ESG Investing

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"Misconceptions and confusion about the field still exist and we need a journal to thoroughly examine all the issues." - Brian Bruce, Editor, Journal of Impact & ESG Investing

A Trial by Fire for AI

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"Why wouldn’t a professional avail themselves of a tool that is designed to help in the most challenging market environments?" - David Aferiat, Trade-Ideas

The Need for Critical Thinking in Investing

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[The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated our entry into what has been previously termed by strategic business and military leaders as a VUCA world – a business and social environment driven by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, an

Redefining Prudent Investing

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"Question we feel advisors must ask themselves is whether or not it is prudent to continue doing what they are doing or make deliberate, yet methodical, changes to their asset management infrastructure." - Jon Robinson,


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