Tearing Down Conventional Investment Wisdom

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"As a portfolio and risk manager, I decided that there had to be a better way to manage the risk of inevitable volatile bear markets, while providing advisors and investors peace of mind." - Tom Hardin, Canterbury Investment 

The Internet of Money

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"Expanded possibilities come into play when you start to digitize things and put it up into a global transport layer, what we refer to an internet of money." JP Thieriot, CEO, UPHOLD

The Financial Enlightenment of Portfolio Management

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"When new technologies are combined with equally robust adaptive portfolio strategies, then innovation can thrive, making it possible to better manage a portfolio through any market environment - Bull or Bear."- Tom Hardin, Canter

Six Threats to Financial Advisor Relevance

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"What is certain is the continuation of technological advancement in hardware, software, and artificial intelligence is going to accelerate, not slowdown" - Bill Trigleth, Cannon Financial Institute



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