Celebrating a TampaBay Innovation District

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"All industries, especially financial services, should take note that dynamically partnering with your community should be part of every firm’s business model." - Bill Hortz, Institute for Innovation Development

Adding High Touch to High Tech

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"Too many business people create from their heads, from their “expertise” and embedded assumptions, to truly see what will actually motivate potential customers." - Corey Westphal, MobileAssistant

Report From the Front Lines of Innovation

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For Institute members and other financial advisor readers who have not attended a global, cross-industry innovation conference, this article will give you an overview and insights from this year’s Front End of Innovation Conference(

Innovating the RFP Process

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"We brought youth, a fresh perspective, and a “can do” attitude to a process that others before us had just ‘accepted’." Ariana Amplo, InHub

Pre-empting the Main Challenges to Innovation

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Innovation is one of the main buzz words in business today with 80 percent of CEOs saying it’s the most important thing for their business, but only 10 percent say they are any good at it.” John Coyle, Maddock Douglas

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