We intend in the first year of operation to launch the following 3 initiatives: 

  • Central repository & interactive learning site on "growth through innovation" - innovation library with links, resources, tools, and videos. Financial industry will benefit from a central repository and a carefully curated innovation education source with facilitated dialogue vs. a fire hose of data and studies.
  • Online Innovation hub/community – provide a secure base for members to collaborate; create working groups ; explore active projects, activities, and people in the community - consider us THE social network for business innovation in the financial services industry.
  • Laboratory – motivate and spark the creation of new business best practices, initiatives, research, and act as an open innovation portal. We will inspire member activity and results by providing a template for local innovation efforts in member’s community and promote Founding Innovator members through Institute e-newsletter, blog, e-books series, and joint press releases.

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