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Practice Management Leaders invited! - Please register for your Practice Management 3.0 Mastermind Group call set for this Friday 6/29 at 12noon ET here - -    If you can't personally make the call, please feel free to designate someone from your practice mgmt team to sit in on our meeting. Feel free also to invite other practice management leaders and supporters to join us! 


Guest speaker is Zsolt Ola - an innovative Learning&Development professional and author of "Engage the WorL&D". He has expertise in  e-Learning, microlearning and workforce curriculum development with a background in engineering and instructional design. Here is his YouTube intro:    I shared with him some of the financial services practice mgmt leaders challenges in working with our population of advisors, mindset issues, and your scaling needs. Zsolt will be sharing with us the latest advancements in learning design and technology and, most importantly, sharing a few cases studies of similar populations with the techniques and results they successfully applied. These learning tools can help to prepare your group of advisors for the future, changing advisor' attitudes from "I don't need learning. I've been doing this for a while" to "wow, I never knew you can do that!".


  We will also provide a brief update from our last call on the following new partners and practice management initiatives for 2018: 
Your content contributor opportunity 


  new #PracticeMgmt hastag and practice mgmt leadership promotion every Friday on Twitter 


  New Practice Mgmt Survey with Financial Advisor and Cannon Financial


  Successful FinTech Practice Mgmt and entrepreneurial training tools being collected for you  

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