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StartupBootCamp FinTech DemoDay - Register Now for Yourself + One Team Member Below 

As part of our IID FinTech radar program, Institute members have been invited to celebrate the end of the 13 week journey for Startupbootcamp's 10 new startup teams with 600 of their best fintech friends!  You'll be joined by VC'sAngelsIndustry ExpertsMentorsFintech Founders and more from a global community.  Their theme for their first ever US accelerator program is "Wrecking Ball"!


    KEYNOTE SPEAKER: We are excited to announce that Adrienne Harris, Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, National Economic Council at The White House, will be joining us!   The Startups

In alphabetical order, the Startupbootcamp FinTech New York Teams of 2016:


Technology that empowers banks and credit unions to innovate faster 


Centralized trading platform for alternative assets


A blockchain-based loan verification and trading platform facilitating transparency and liquidity


An enterprise blockchain platform for trade and the financial supply chain


Bitcoin & Blockchain Asset Investment Platform



Eliminating friction by connecting old and new systems with fast and flexible API design tools


Easy smart contracts for individuals


Making payment fraud a thing of the past


Real-time supplier trust scoring

Visualize Wealth

The next generation of mobile investment reporting 

Registration needed for this FREE FinTech event: 

password: wreckingball


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