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Back End of Innovation - San Jose 10/21-23

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Back End of Innovation (BEI) is the only innovation conference to focus exclusively on execution through real-world problem solving and best in class case studies to accelerate the success of innovation.

Unite with other leaders charged with executing innovation and collaborate with other stakeholders across the commercialization lifecycle to learn how to accelerate your business’ return on innovation. BEI shares how to be more agile, prioritize and monetize your best ideas and commercialize your best bets for growth, whether it be through process, partnerships, or marketing.

· Hear from Xerox on Their Journey Towards Commercialization

· Drive Impactful Business Ventures with Insights from Intel

· Develop a Culture for Innovation with Ingersoll Rand

· Nintendo Drives Innovation Forward with Permission to Fail

· Kellogg's Shares How to Grow Your Brand through Creative Innovation

The Institute highly recommends that you participate in an innovation event of this kind of scope and ambition as part of your personal and professional development.

For more on why you should go to an innovation conference, read my previous blog post "Get Thee To An Innovation Conference"

Follow these links for more details and to register. Use the Institute 15% discount priority code: BEI15IID


FREE Webinar 9/29 11AM EST - 2015 State of Global Innovation Study

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Imaginatik conducted a 2015 State of Global Innovation study from May through August 2015, with the goal of assessing how innovative today’s mid- and large-sized organizations have become. Now, they are pleased to announce the release of the full results from this research effort.

Please join them for a special FREE webinar on September 29th as Chris Townsend, Chief Marketing Officer at Imaginatik, showcases the principal results from the study. They will explore findings such as:

  • Why companies aren’t spending aggressively on innovation – even though it’s considered a top priority
  • What the real obstacles to innovation are, and why they aren’t discussed publicly
  • Why the typical results from innovation efforts don’t match the stated business objectives

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Innovate Festival at TBD - Sacramento 9/17-22

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Innovate TBD Festival – Rogue thinkers welcome.


Relevents, a trail-blazing event curator, wants to accomplish nothing less than overhaul  the traditional business conference. Partnered with world-class disruptors, their curators-in-residence have put their knowledge and networks together to create a unique learning and collaboration environment for growth-oriented individuals and business leaders.


Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and experiment with, not just listen to, the world’s greatest innovators. In this "local meets regional meets global" social-by-design experience, you'll witness first-hand the convergence of innovation, insights + intelligence.

Innovate @ TBD Festival will co-locate with the TBD Music, Arts and Culture Festival in Sacramento, California. They will bring the business community alongside the festival goers to dynamically activate innovation. Filling the white space between what business schools teach and what the world really requires of its leaders.

The Institute highly recommends that you participate in an innovation event of this kind of scope and ambition as part of your personal and professional development.

For more on why you should go to an innovation conference, read my previous blog post "Get Thee To An Innovation Conference"

For more details and agenda of Innovate @TBD Sacramento click here.

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7/22 Innovation Webinar: 3 Massive Hurdles To Innovation Strategy

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FREE Webinar: 3 Massive Hurdles to Innovation - And One Pitfall

Wednesday July 22, 2015 - 2:30PM EST

More and more companies and leaders are recognizing that innovation is an essential capability to survive, thrive and grow. However, launching an innovation strategy, intentionally taking on risk, stepping out from the status quo is no small task and brings with it a host of new obstacles. Fortunately, others have paved the way and these challenges need not be a secret.

Join John Coyle, Senior Vice President – Innovation from Maddock Douglas, a major innovation consulting firm, for a special webinar event on identifying the most common barriers to an innovation strategy and an exploration of effective ways to overcome them as well as a little known watchout that can corrupt a potentially great innovation idea.

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Free Webinar: The Execution of Innovation

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Webinar Date: Wed, June 10th, 2015 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM EST

Did you know that the front end of innovation has become the easy part of corporate innovation? The real challenge is the execution part.  

Did you know that many companies focus more on ideas than people when it comes to innovation? Ideas are important, but people make things happen and thus the right order of focus should be people first, processes next and then ideas. 

If these questions make you think about the execution of innovation in your company’s innovation efforts, then you should join this webinar with Stefan Lindegaard – hosted by HYPE Innovation - in which you will get these insights: 

  • the key insights corporate innovators miss on the execution of innovation 
  • how corporate innovation teams can match the right people with the right ideas at the right time for better innovation (hint – the key is people pools)
  • examples on how corporate innovation teams at successful companies deal with the execution of innovation

This will be a 45-minute webinar with a 25-minute presentation by Lindegaard followed by a Q&A on the topic.

Click here for more details and Free registration. For those who missed the webinar, here is access to a recording.



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