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FastCompany interview with "Everything Connects" authors - 2/14/2014 12pm

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Entrepreneurial & innovative mindset needed for business leaders looking for Growth, Differentiation and Unique Community Engagement - listen in to FREE 2/14 FastCompany chat with Authors Of "Everything Connects - How to Transform and Lead in the Age of Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability"


Openings for unique Innovation Olympics program May 2014

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The Innovation Olympics program provides an exclusive opportunity for companies to work with MBA students from Hult International Business School to build a portfolio of innovative business options.
Program Details:

  • Senior executives from your organization drive high performance results through four focused meetings with student teams and faculty mentor during the seven week program.
  •     Diverse global teams of mid-career MBA students spend their last semester focused on your firm’s challenge.
  •     Experienced innovation and growth consultants and professors provide expert guidance and program management.
  •     Battle tested process generates a wealth of insights and business concepts in six weeks.
  •     Collaboration and competition moves teams from common understanding to unique solutions for your organization.


Why should your organization participate?

High Impact. Get a diverse portfolio of bankable new growth options for your company around both existing and new offerings, channels, markets, businesses and business models!
Low burden for your organization.
Learn a proven approach for developing growth platforms and breakthrough business concepts

More information and previous Innovation Olympics corporate results:


For more details about this unique innovation program and for personal introduction to the program managers contact Bill Hortz at



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