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Innovation events week of 1/20/2014:

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1. Hult University’s Innovation Olympics - You are cordially invited to join me next Tuesday, Jan 21, between 4-6PM in Grand Central area of NYC where I can personally introduce you to the founders of the IXL Center at Hult University - the largest and most global business school - and – the world’s top innovation website and leading innovation research firm. At the meeting you will learn about Hult’s Innovation Olympics program and MBA Action Learning Projects that drive corporate growth and bring deep, fresh thinking to critical initiatives. Imagine, 5 international, innovation-trained MBA teams that compete for the best outcomes for your growth initiatives. This is an excellent example of one of the many innovation resources going on right now that the Institute for Innovation Development is uncovering for financial services leaders. This program is a great illustration of the many ways to get new expanded insights, ideas and perspectives for your key growth plans, and to engage your team in a compelling way.

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2. "BitCoin: Disrupting Money" seminar - I’m going to this 1/22 6PM seminar while I'm in NYC 1/20-1/29. Important & timely topic on the potential future of money - try to go if you are in town! Much like the internet disrupted conventional communications media 20 years ago, Bitcoin has the potential to revolutionize money on a grand scale—the way we think about it, use it, move it around, and regulate it. This seminar is an detailed overview of Bitcoin, and brings attendees up to speed with the current state of the facts and discussions on Bitcoin. Presented by OpenInvo – specialists in innovation processes.

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3. Building Irrefutable Differentiation in 2014 - FREE webinar 1/21 1PM EST- Competitive advantage is not a static goal anymore. Innovation is needed to drive ongoing change. Innovation is not just about new products, new services, or new processes. It’s about changing your firm on a predictable & repeatable basis. Leading innovation expert and author, Steve Shapiro, with his guest Scott McKain, will discuss proven strategies and practical steps on how to build irrefutable sources of differentiation for your business.

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FastCompany interview with "Everything Connects" authors - 2/14/2014 12pm

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Entrepreneurial & innovative mindset needed for business leaders looking for Growth, Differentiation and Unique Community Engagement - listen in to FREE 2/14 FastCompany chat with Authors Of "Everything Connects - How to Transform and Lead in the Age of Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability"


Openings for unique Innovation Olympics program May 2014

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The Innovation Olympics program provides an exclusive opportunity for companies to work with MBA students from Hult International Business School to build a portfolio of innovative business options.
Program Details:

  • Senior executives from your organization drive high performance results through four focused meetings with student teams and faculty mentor during the seven week program.
  •     Diverse global teams of mid-career MBA students spend their last semester focused on your firm’s challenge.
  •     Experienced innovation and growth consultants and professors provide expert guidance and program management.
  •     Battle tested process generates a wealth of insights and business concepts in six weeks.
  •     Collaboration and competition moves teams from common understanding to unique solutions for your organization.


Why should your organization participate?

High Impact. Get a diverse portfolio of bankable new growth options for your company around both existing and new offerings, channels, markets, businesses and business models!
Low burden for your organization.
Learn a proven approach for developing growth platforms and breakthrough business concepts

More information and previous Innovation Olympics corporate results:


For more details about this unique innovation program and for personal introduction to the program managers contact Bill Hortz at



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