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Innovation Roadshow Goals: Our goal is not to talk about innovation, but make innovation happen by providing proven innovation tools, processes, and roadmaps to benefit financial advisors' businesses. Roadshows will introduce many of these best practices in an interactive and personally immersive way.


Key Offerings for Advisors at Events:

  • Deliver strategies to substantially differentiate their businesses from their local, crowded, financial services environment
  • Provide new strategies to increase client acquisition and community engagement
  • Help and encourage advisors to continue to develop their creative and innovative mindsets and skills by providing the processes and steps to do so


Half day Roadshow Format: The audience will mainly be designated into teams with an emphasis toward working collaboratively on innovation projects & exercises (learn by doing). In addition, the curriculum will be a mix of innovation presentations, videos, and frank open discussion sessions.


Key Topics:

  • Learning and practicing what I call the million dollar problem solving/thinking process used by IDEO - world's most successful design and innovation firm - and how it can be applied to advisors' business challenges and growth initiatives
  • Introduction to the ultimate differentiation and community engagement strategy of creating a local innovation think tank or innovation club in their communities
  • Defining and practicing creative thinking as a process that anyone can do and develop - "Creativity is just connecting things" Steve Jobs


Advisors will be armed with step-by-step instructions on innovation strategies and best practices that they can immediately implement in their businesses the next day.


“I hope this gives you enough of an overview to see that we will be creating a very different experience for elite, growth-oriented advisors that want to build dominant positions in their local markets. Our program directly responds to research on top advisors desire for differentiation and new client acquisition skills.”

Bill Hortz, President & Dean
Institute for Innovation Development



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