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The secret to getting NEW business ideas that will work in the real world - to increase your revenues and client base - lies in opening up your perspective and assumptions. Answers to business challenges, many times, are hiding in plain site but you must have a systematic way of uncovering them. Hence, the need to regularly move YOUR current perspective out of the board rooms, corner offices, and internal "inside-out" viewpoints. Start borrowing and mixing & matching outside perspectives from a wide pool of sources that are also close to the customer or share in the same challenge your are looking to solve.This is an example of an "open" innovation process.

Investors Business Daily article interviewed the Institute along with others on best strategies on how to regularly bring in new business ideas to keep on top of competition and a business environment of accelerating change... 

Here's the link to the IBD article Collect Cool Ideas By Courting Innovative Insights From The Fringe.


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