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"Today’s advisors are dealing with the perfect storm of margin-degrading factors. When you understand what is ailing you, you can find the solutions that will help you save money, get your day back and become more future-ready." - Sean Brown, YCharts

I wanted to share with everybody a particularly well written and insightful article series by one of our Founding Innovator members that has been published on ThinkAdvisor.

Sean Brown is the President and CEO of YCharts, an investment research, data, analytics and visualization platform for wealth advisors and institutional investors. Sean has a 25-year track record of guiding significant growth of public companies, private equity backed firms and startups. His focus has persistently been in the cloud-based software space, where he has guided the growth and eventual exit of several companies. He knows of what he speaks on the needs of entrepreneurial managment

While many advisors may be unsatisfied with the state of their business now and concerned about their futures, his 3-part series gives advisors the three key steps needed to diagnose and chart their way to a healthy future:

  1. Have the courage to confront their “sickness” head on by asking themselves the right questions to diagnose what is ailing them
  2. Define, in precise terms, the characteristics of your healthy end state
  3. Build an ambitious, yet realistic, holistic plan to chart their way back to a healthy state and don’t be afraid to tweak this plan as market conditions dictate.


Part 1: Identifying the Symptoms of the Illness - To help advisors understand how to get their valuable time back, they first need to diagnose their biggest pain points:

Part 2: Defining a “healthy” future-state business -  Answering these questions will put your firm on the path to a healthy future:

Part 3: Beginning the Course of Treatment - Charting a path to long-term health:


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