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Let's kick into 2017 with a brief review of best Institute for Innovation Development articles from 2016. They demonstrate the range of business innovation topics, innovative business leaders, FinTech companies, and next-generation financial services thinking we engaged with last year and give you an indication of discussions and activities that we will continue to explore into 2017.Cheers!


Uncovering next-generation services for financial advisors:

1. Building Data Flexibility That Best Positions Advisors

"At our firm, we recognize that it is more than just buying the right technology."  Kirk Littleton, Ultimus Fund Solutions [Middle Office Services]

Two experts discuss technology trends affecting financial advisors and the financial services industry.

2. Building An AI-based Investment Platform For Advisors

"We are fortunate that the explosion in data has been met with an explosion in computing power which far surpasses the capacity of any human brain."  - Andrew Dassori, Wavelength Capital

Andrew Dassori, founding partner and CIO of Wavelength Capital Management, discusses new advisor AI investment platform of next-generation portfolio management tools and strategies utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning.

3. Helping Advisors Stay Ahead Of The Curve

"The innovative solutions we are discovering and vetting in the areas of technology, business strategy and niche asset management tools will help position advisors competitively on an ongoing basis.Hessel Pole, Invested Consultants

Unique platform/network of cutting-edge services & products for growth-oriented financial advisors.


Uncovering FinTech companies as part of our ongoing FinTech radar program:

4. Creating Compelling Retirement Income Discussions

 "Whether at the advisor level or the institutional level, RetireUp’s visual narrative is used as the most powerful and impactful aspect of our offering" - Michael Roth, RetireUp

Michael Roth of FinTech company RetireUp tells us about his company's new retirement income planning tools.

5. Born Out Of Necessity

"As an entrepreneur, I firmly believe that if you can't find a solution to a problem, you should build a solution to a problem." Roger Kiger, Smart RIA

How one advisor went from being an RIA to a fintech entrepreneur to build an automated compliance software solution.

6. Innovating The RFP Process

"We brought youth, a fresh perspective, and a “can do” attitude to a process that others before us had just ‘accepted’." Ariana Amplo, InHub

InHub's product offers a modern RFP process for advisors and the institutional investment community.


Uncovering core business innovation concepts and proven processes:  

7. A Simple, Proven Formula For Innovation

"This is a very simple philosophy and proven process for how to think differently and innovate."  Hitendra Patel, IXL Center

This company has a simple but effective formula to help any firm, in any industry, develop breakthrough new ideas.

8. Innovation Is Defined By Your Customers, Not You

""Innovation should start with your deep understanding of your customers, framing your new ideas and new services from their perspective on what their problems and emotional issues are, in order to identify best new growth and revenue opportunities for your business."  Bill Hortz, IID

It's common for people to confuse an invention with innovation. Key to remember is that innovation is not really about novelty, it is more about value creation.


Uncovering interesting perspectives:

9. ESG And Innovation: Enlightened Screens For Reducing Investment Risk?

"Innovative culture can be difficult to identify, but it can be a key driver in business success." -Matt Blume, Appleseed Fund

Interesting view on business innovation, ESG screens and how to apply them to a socially responsible investment process.

10. 6 Threats To Financial Advisor Relevance

"What is certain is the continuation of technological advancement in hardware, software, and artificial intelligence is going to accelerate, not slowdown" - Bill Trigleth, Cannon Financial Institute

Discussion on Cannon's newest research on advisor relevance in an operating environment of accelerating change and their new 3 position papers series – Financial Advisors: Relevance Today and Tomorrow


Uncovering a brand new technology for senior management:

11. Digitizing Expertise--New Tech Focusing On Human Intuition Vs. 'Big' Data

"What would it mean to you if you closed the decision gap throughout your company, putting your best person, your internal expert, on everybody’s team? "- Thomas Mark Keith, ai Innovation Technology

This new application replicates top decision makers' thinking processes.


Thank you for reading and much more to come in 2017!

Bill Hortz, Founder and Dean

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