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Let's take a moment to say goodbye to 2018 with a review of some of the best financial services innovation articles and discussions that the Institute for Innovation Development developed through the year. They demonstrate the range of practice management/business innovation topics, FinTech companies, innovative business & money management leaders, and next generation client & community engagement strategies that the Institute and its Founding members were engaged with this last year.

It will also give you an indication of the innovative discussions, people and topics that we will continue to explore and bring to you in 2019. Join us for the ride! Cheers!


Uncovering next-generation services and business approaches for financial advisors:

1. Designing and Engineering High-Net-Worth Solutions - Through purposeful design, advisors can transform their traditional firms into a major league, comprehensive family office structure with multiple points of revenue.

“From a High-Net-Worth client perspective, we took a much more holistic view on what surrounds successful families and their businesses.” – Nick Gregory, Financial Engineering Institute

2. How to Become a Behaviorally Smart Advisor - How a leading behavioral finance FinTech platform is helping advisors add to their value proposition by having the tools and processes to become client behavioral coaches and life mentors.

"Behavioral management can now be infused into the DNA of an advisory firm." Leon Morales, DNA Behavior

3. Adding High Touch to High Tech – How one technologist is infusing high-touch to transform traditional dictation service technology into a tool that truly engages and boosts advisor effectiveness.

"Too many business people create from their heads, from their “expertise” and embedded assumptions, to truly see what will actually motivate potential customers." - Corey Westphal, MobileAssistant


Uncovering FinTech companies as part of our ongoing FinTech radar program:

4. The Quest for the Ultimate Client-Advisor Experience - The thinking and decisions behind how one financial advisor became a FinTech entrepreneur to build more engaging and effective client conversations.

"What we need to do in “FinTech” is to find a way to apply a different kind of AI - Advisor Intelligence." - Adam Holt, Asset-Map

5. The Risk in Risk Analysis – One FinTech company has created a unique risk tolerance tool for financial advisors that offers a multidimensional scoring system backed by machine learning and a team of economic engineers.

"It’s enhanced risk analysis based on facts, not just feelings.Larry ShumbresCEO, Totum Risk        

6. Enabling the Evolution of Model Portfolios - There is a growing trend of portfolio construction exploration and experimentation driven by the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

“By significantly reducing the time in the construction, comparison, tracking, and evolution of your model portfolios, you can focus more on the actual analysis needed to build better portfolios.” - Caleb Eplett, YCharts                                                                                ………………………………………

Uncovering progressive, active investment management perspectives:

7. Building Durable Wealth: Risk Management as a Differentiator - An intellectually independent, active asset management firm clearly defines their core investment methodology as risk management; not value, growth or any other outside label.

"By having risk-reward foremost in our process, we can provide a relatively smooth ride in a relatively volatile asset class." - Colin Symons, Symons Capital Management

8. The Financial Enlightenment of Portfolio Management  - An accelerating number of new tools and methodologies are rapidly coming into the world of traditional asset management and are spawning new approaches in managing portfolios and risk.

"When new technologies are combined with equally robust adaptive portfolio strategies, then innovation can thrive, making it possible to better manage a portfolio through any market environment - Bull or Bear."- Tom Hardin, Canterbury Capital Management

9. SRI, ESG and Impact Investing – A Natural Evolution for Investment Management? - In today’s business environment, social investing methodologies can add a series of new astute business analysis factors and be seen as a natural evolution of investment analysts' corporate research process.

 "A well integrated "social due diligence" mindset built into the investment process addresses any of your clients that believe in investing in well run 21st century companies and value a strong risk management approach."-  Norman Conley III, JAG Capital Management

10. Financial Engineering for Better Investment Outcomes - Discussion on a series of financial engineering efforts to address what is seen as faulty practices in traditional investment analysis, portfolio management and target date funds.

"I encourage all advisors and asset managers to develop a growth mindset since change is worth the effort and essential in surviving the accelerating disruption hitting our industry." - Ron Surz, PPCA

11. Investing in the Nexus of Environment and Finance - There are massive secular trends afoot globally that provide long-term opportunities for new and clean energy technologies.

"Disruptive technology does not care who is in Washington. Sustainability is rapidly mainstreaming." - Robert Uek, Essex Investment Management

12. Sharing Research and Perspectives on Microcaps - There are a number of factors that very easily distort the risk/return characteristics of microcap stocks that can be exploited by active managers.

"Microcaps represent a formidable crack in the so-called 'efficient market theory' "- Michael CorbettPerritt Capital Management


Uncovering evolving industry trends:

13. Interval Funds – a Fund Structure Who’s Time Has Come? - The interval fund structure could allow for any kind of alternatives currently available, as well as for ideas that no one has thought of as of yet.

"There will be more demand, more development, more education on interval funds, especially with growing trepidation and inevitable corrections in this long running bull market." - David Carson, Ultimus Fund Solutions

14. Walking the Walk in Socially Responsible Investing - How one socially responsible investment firm, Appleseed Capital, integrated their investment principles into the structure and operations of their firm by becoming a B Corporation .

“Becoming a B Corp was a wonderful opportunity to formalize what we had been doing all along, namely focusing on sustainable investing and trying to make a positive difference in the world by how we approach our clients, our employees, our community, and our investment decisions.” - Patrick Herrington, Appleseed Capital Management

15. The Most Troubling Compliance Trends in Financial Services – How to best deal with an environment of increasing regulatory oversight and change.

"This is not an area where it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission because failure to ask for permission can result in a very public and humiliating enforcement action." - Todd Cipperman, Cipperman Compliance Services

16. The Anatomy of a FinTech-RIA  Partnership  - Financial services firms need to think more strategically about technology and learn to partner with technologists.

"It takes passionate, like-minded people working together to make technology and operational solutions work." - Sean Brown, YCharts


Covering eclectic mix of industry conferences:

17. The Stunning Power and Legal Risks of “Wealth Management” - Recent HNW-focused conference offered great example of innovative design thinking, new business model creation and creative ways of implementing new technologies and financial strategies into the financial professional model.

"True comprehensive wealth management makes a strong, vital connection across the whole HNW family creating a strong epoxy for the wealth management firm and its relationships." Nick Gregory, CEO, Financial Engineering Institute

18. Driving and Designing Technology for Advisors - Pershing INSITE 2018: Advisors in the next few years will see technology happen in leaps and bounds and it will be substantially disruptive to the industry.

We are only at the tip of the technology iceberg ” – Lisa Dolly, CEO, Pershing

19. Three Asset Management Forums – Topics Framing the Industry for 2018 and Beyond - Three asset management forums in 2018, coming from different vantage points, provide a window to how the industry is evolving.

“Rapid change requires a forward-looking vision for your business and the fund industry we operate in.” - Bob Dorsey, Ultimus Fund Solutions


Announcing 2019 Financial Services Practice Management Initiative    

20.  What Can Fintech Accelerators Teach Financial Advisers?Accelerators offer a diverse arsenal of field-tested tools and business management processes that have been engineered to give companies a competitive edge. What are their most successful tools and can they be used to help financial advisors evolve their business models, competitive differentiation and client engagement? The Institute will be starting an interview series in 2019 to find out.

“Accelerator programs are fertile ground for advisers and investment professionals and can furnish the financial services industry with new ways to compete and evolve its business models.” – Bill Hortz, Institute for Innovation Development                                                                                    

Thank you for reading and much more to come in 2019!

Bill Hortz

Founder, CEO and Dean

Institute for Innovation Development


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